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Summer Store Wide Sale

Saturday May 6th 2017

Are you getting ready for summer? Us too, this Saturday we are putting the entire store on sale at 20% off. Save now on Toys, Treats, Food, Supplies, basically if we have it in the store than its on sale. We will be doing give-a-ways while supplies last, and we enourage that everyone bring their furry family members in. We'd love to meet them and of course we will spoil them as if they were our own. We look forward to seeing you there.


What We Have

We love your pets! Our dedication to animals means you’ll always find everything you need for your happy, healthy pets at Pacific Pets. We provide a balance of quality, convenience, selection, value and service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tug of War

Pet Toys

Every pet owner knows that their animal friend needs quality, long-lasting Pet Toys, and here at Pacific Pets we’ve got exactly what you need. From stuffies and plushies to durable chews, we offer a variety that is sure to make your pets happy and save you money in the process. We have toys for all sizes of dog and of course their feline companion.

Doggy in Bed

Dog Beds

A healthy pet needs lots of attention and activity, just like a healthy human. Make sure your pet has the best Dog Bed available so he can lead a healthy lifestyle. Having a place to call their own is important and the beds we have are both functional and fashionable. We like them and think you will like them too.

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Dog Harnesses

Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we like to stock our shelves with products that make it easier. Count on us to offer a Dog Harness of the highest quality with a nod to personal style. Establishing the perfect environment for your animal doesn’t have to break the bank. Our stylish Dog Harnesses get the job done with exceptional attention to detail and quality while still having a price that’s right.

Pet Nutrition Advice

Pet Supplies

When there is more to care about than just the food you choose to feed, there are lots of supplement options that can help balance out those nutritional needs your furry friend may be lacking. We have hand picked our favorites and like always will help you pick the best one for your needs.

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Just About Everything You Need

We have tons of different items, reaching across all aspects of the pet world. If we don't have it and you are sure you need it, we will be happy to track it down and get it just for you. Chances are if you are looking for it, so is someone else.

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Why We Started This Business

Our Story

We established this business primarily out of our love for animals, as their well-being is so important to us. The pet supply business has grown in recent years, and we felt it would be nice for pet owners to have a store where they could get everything they needed to keep their pets happy and healthy in one convenient location.

We want shopping at Pacific Pets to be an experience the whole family can enjoy. Bring your pets to the store and we’ll give them the VIP treatment while you shop. Test out our products, grab a tasty treat for your pet, pick up some essentials and have fun!


Pet Inspiration

Stay Informed and Up to Date


Frankie's Friends

April 24,2017

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Puppy Rescue Mission

April 24, 2017

News In The Pet World

April 24, 2017

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Best Ball Launchers From The Global Pet Expo


Best Chew Toys From The Global Pet Expo


How to Help Choose the Best Foods

May 3rd 2017



Your Help Center

Is it okay for my pet to have free range of my home?

A lot of owners learn this lesson the hard way. If your dog is used to staying in a crate when you leave the house, throwing them into a free-roaming situation out of nowhere is likely to result in some confusion and anxiety, which can result in a gutted living room. Start by letting your dog be alone in their designated area when you go outside to water the garden for five minutes. Over time, build up to longer outings: a quick run to the store or a visit with a neighbor. Then, start giving your dog access to different areas of the house, but take it slow. Pushing your dog too quickly will not only make the process harder in the long run, it can also undo training that you’ve taken months or years to achieve (for example, a dog who you’ve trained not to urine mark inside may return to this behavior under stress).

Is all pet food the same?

Many natural pet foods contain only fresh, wholesome and natural ingredients for your animals. There are also ingredients in natural pet food that really help the health of your pet's skin and also your pet's coat. A vast majority of pet owners go for dry pet food for its convenience and ease of storage. The cheaper dry pet foods are made from soybean, rice or corn, while many premium dry dog foods are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. so in short, not all pet food is the same.

Does it really matter if I train my pet?

Here are 5 reasons why you should.

1.      It could save your dog’s life.  The more time you spend working with your dog on commands, the more likely you will have voice control over your dog.  If something horrible should happen, you have the ability to get your dog back to you safely.  Your dog is less likely to bolt or slip out the door and run away if you have worked with your dog on preventing this.  If they do manage to escape, you have your recall command to safely call your dog back to you.  If for some unfortunate reason, you had to place your dog in a shelter or rescue, a trained dog is considerably more likely to find a new home, than a dog that has never received obedience training.

2.      You get to take your dog with you to more places. Your dog will be welcome in far more places, environments, and situations if they have been taught some basic manners.  When you have guests over to your home, you won’t need to banish your well-behaved dog to another room, or crate, for fear that they will embarrass you.  You will be able to take them camping, hiking, to public parks, public beaches, pet stores, groomers, and even to hotels or other businesses that allow dogs

3.      You will develop a stronger bond with your dog. The process of bonding with your dog begins as soon as you bring them home. If you have a young puppy, the process is usually very quick, but if you have adopted an older dog, bonding might take a little more time, especially if the dog has been mistreated or is grieving his previous owners.  The initial bond with your dog is a tentative one; you don’t know each other very well yet. To strengthen that bond, you must spend time with them and do things together. When you do, you learn what makes your dog tick, and how to teach them, work with them, and play with them. Your dog learns how to respond to you, what makes you happy, and what makes you angry. As you do things together, you build respect and trust, and the relationship you have deepens.

4.      Training allows you to understand your dog. The more time you spend with your dog, and more bonded you are with your dog, the better understanding you have of what their needs are, and what they are trying to communicate with you.  You will start noticing things like the position of their ears, tail, body, lips,etc.  All of these small things add up to knowing your dog better, and the need for a translator (trainer) is diminished.

5.      Both of you will live happier lives.  From adog’s perspective, being able to be in the home all the time, go with you when you leave, meet new and interesting people, being more confident, having closer relationship with you, and being understood, means a happy dog.  The happier your dog, the less likely they are to develop behavior issues, which means a much happier life for you.  You can avoid many stresses by not altering your lifestyle to accommodate your dog’s issues.


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